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At Symb City we love road bikes. We live and breathe long bike rides and love to share our experiences all over social media. The more people we interact with the more of an effect we can have on local bike route funding amongst other things. 

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What makes a road cyclist an enthusiast?

Road cycling enthusiasts are serious, committed and regular riders who do between 2,000 to 5,000 miles (3,000-7,000 kilometers) a year.  We ride on flat, rolling and mountainous terrain and do interval, strength and endurance training.  We will generally be on our bikes 4-6 days a week outdoors in decent weather.  In lousy weather, about half of us will ride on a trainer.  Some will still ride outside and the rest will sleep in.  We ride on our own, with regular partners, and in group rides.

If you want more information then reach out on social media or checkout our partners.